Full Wedding planning

Destination weddings process includes: Planning, Design and Coodination.


Wedding Planning and Design

  • Venue finding and Consultation.
  • Preparation of the Action Plan to carry out all the activities before and during the day of the event.
  • Contracting and coordination of the transportation for the attendance of the guests (if
  • applicable
  • Create the wedding’s design concept.
  • Provide vendor referrals and negotiates contracts; schedules and attends all vendor meetings.
  • Legal requirements process..
  • Create detailed timelines and floor plans
  • Help determine and manage your budget
  • Attend site tours and menu tastings.
  • Coordinate hotel room blocks and transportation.
  • Oversee everything on the wedding day (make sure everyone adheres to the timeline, handles snafus, manages vendors, and execute your vision on-site).

Wedding Coordination

  1. Create detailed timelines and floor plans.
  2. Oversee everything on the wedding day.
  3. Review all your vendor contracts to understand exactly what will be arriving day of.
  4. Venue walk-through to go over details of the wedding day.
  5. Distribute bouquets & pins corsages to bridal party, attendants & family members.
  6. Set-up and styling of all wedding elements.
  7. Distribute final payments to vendors .
  8. Retain the marriage license for officiant.
  9. Assist with bridal party and family for photographs.
  10. Vendor management – we will coordinate with all contracted wedding vendors and confirm their arrival times and services booked 1 week prior.


Wedding planning and design

Extra services

Wedding Reception Decor

Wedding reception styles like: Beach Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Rustic Weddings and so on.

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Floral Design

Your wedding flowers may be a large part of your wedding budget, so it’s very important to find a professional and creative floral Designer for your big day……

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Everyone wants their wedding food to be absolutely perfect, and what’s more perfect than serving your guests deliciously seasonal food?…..

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Lighting Decor

Lighting is one of the most impactful investments you can make in your wedding……

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Musicians and Dj

A wedding DJ and a good music can be a fun way to add live entertainment to your wedding reception…..

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Wedding Shows

Wow your guests with an amazing show to entartain during your Wedding Reception…..

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Wedding Favors

Decide what kind of wedding favor should you give to your guest could be a hard work…let us help you with some ideas, based on your wedding theme.

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